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Sunday, March 15, 2020

how do people make money on youtube

          how do people make money on youtube
how do people make money on  youtube
how do people make money on  youtube

Create a youtube channel for business.
In Bussiness Account post only your business Related videos anything only business related read the full post for more information.

1) Email id only one phone number connected [Monetization not a problem in future] 

2) Mobile for video editing.

3) which niche you're going to open your channel make 100 video titles in a notebook. [Its help you in future Youtube is not one-time money earning its lifetime per video pay rent lifetime ]

Starting a Youtube channel is the simplest way of all and needs no investment.

you know technical guruji Ashish chanchlani bhuvam bum they all are YouTubers and there monthly earning in thousands of dollars because of there best content How..?

If you wanna become Youtuber so 1st thing in mind Content. what content you provide your audience "CONTENT IS KING ALWAYS" if your businessman if your student or Driver or hotel wetter youtube is for all just show your Skill talent. Create a youtube channel for business in India or any country 

The important thing I already told you about Content second step is a youtube video creation and editing channel name channel description youtube video tags.

How to create youtube video:- So take pen and notebook write your video title write you're all content and then search on the web all things right or wrong fix it then you don't need DSLR to shoot youtube video one phone is perfect so set your phone location and start shooting video. the best time for video making is night time because of no noise or disturbance. 

youtube video editing:- In phone, Kine master is the best app or ios for Mobile video editing an in pc or mac Filmora perfect for a beginner. how to use kine master watch videos on Youtube already available. and if you have the best DSLR then buy boya mike for clear voice use filmora video editing software is best.

youtube channel Setting:- Make a perfect art and logo for your Youtube channel use tool pics art and write a perfect description of what content you provide that is not available on youtube whats difference between you and others provides the same content that the reason people subscribe to you follow you.

Some important points to add in your video: Starting a video tell them the title of your video then start talking directly about your content then told them if you like the video then subscribe my youtube channel for more videos and share with your friends and like the video [ If people like your video going to viral] and always special something best for your audience and tell them I will tell you at the end of the video so watch full video [Not all time] fics your video uploading time for more view because your audience is waiting daily on that time [It's secret of Successful on youtube] and if you don't have time for daily upload so make a week time like 3 days 4 days. [Depend on your channel category]     


1. Create a YouTube channel around a specific theme such as Cooking, Tutorial, Recipe, comedy, Movie review, upcoming phones, etc. Don’t just go out to create any random unrelated videos channel.

For example, if you love gadgets, you can create a gadget review channel where you review the latest gadgets and help people to decide whether it's the right choice for them. 

2. Select a theme in which you are really interested. Analyze other videos related to your topic, see how many views those videos get.
It will help you to get an overview of how many people are interested in your theme. 

3. Generally, the more the views more beneficial the theme is. As more people are searching for it. 

4. Check out if there’s any concept missing in the currently existing videos related to your theme.
You can cover these concepts in your videos to fetch more views.

5. Give your best to engage with your audience. Study the comments you get on your videos, learn the hidden expectations that your audience has from you.

6. Try to find out what they like about your videos and what they don't. A study in which videos get the highest retention rate and find the reasons behind them.

7. Spy on your competitors and try to model the things that are working for them. But never try to copy them, always maintain your uniqueness.

8. Always try to improvise each new video from the last one.
So when you look at your first videos after a few years, you should think aww how bad I was earlier.
That's a good sign; it shows that you've improved. and your subscriber increases day by day. 

9. Experiment, experiment, and experiment. Never fear to try something new and see how it works.
Experiments are the only way where you can find new and exciting stuff that can catapult you way ahead of your competitors.

10. Finally, try to collaborate with other YouTuber's who are doing similar work. Learn their strategies and mindset. Working together can do wonders for your channel and earning.

11. love and enjoy your life.  

Seo Youtube video:- In mobile ios use Tubebuddy App download from play store or Appstore. Sign in your Youtube Gmail and go Menu option

how do people make money on youtube
how do people make money on youtube
     Tag Explorer. Search your Title and see result how many people like these types of video and how you rank example

how do people make money on youtube

Seo youtube in Computer: Many paid tools in the market for youtube SEO but free tool is tube buddy extension in chrome Store Add in your browser and Sign in and search on youtube anything they show you which keyword is best tags many more and its paid tool also available. 

3. add title in the description and write about your videos and provide social links

How to Get Fast Subscribers:- 

1. Always comment on your category channel video and.

2. Set your video upload time

3. Please many more people on Facebook and WhatsApp group give you one day 3000 5000 Subscribers don't buy there package because they are giving you robots subscribers and inactive subscribers. Yes you can share your video link to these social media and get subscribers

4. Make Instagram Facebook Twitter quora Pinterest account after uploading a video on youtube Share links with a thumbnail in these platforms.

  how do people make money on youtube

1. 4000 Watch time and 1k subscribers completed on your channel youtube review or you can apply for a review they on Monetization on your channel and you earn money in your AdSense account yes you need Adsense account because all youtube money directly goes in Adsence.   

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